what is the cost of a resume?

  • The cost for our resume services starts at $50. There are several options to the resume service. The costs are as follows:

    • Resume - $50

    • Resume and Cover Letter - $60

    • Resume, Cover Letter and CEU Presentation - $80

How does the resume process work?

  • The purchase process of a resume product includes an order form that asks your work history, education, and certifications. The more detail that is submitted, the better, because that allows us to make a truly comprehensive resume. You will receive a draft resume to review 7-10 after you place your resume order. After reviewing the resume and asking for any changes, Project Resume will return your final resume to complete the order.

Does project resume offer Continuing education units?

  • Yes! We have CEU presentations available on our CEU page.

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I'm just starting out in coding and I don't have any coding experience, can you help me with my resume? 

  • Yes! We are able to create your resume to highlight your coding skills and education, and show coding employers that, while you may not have direct coding experience, you possess the skills that are required of a coder, such as attention to detail, working on a deadline, and working in a fast-paced environment. Your resume will be written so that these skills are highlighted, no matter what your past work history may be. We even had a resume order from someone who was working as a taxidermist! No work history is too far removed from coding, if you have an expert to write your resume accordingly.

with such a targeted resume writing service, how will my resume stand out?

  • There is only one YOU, and at Project Resume, we want to know all about you, and what makes you unique. Everyone has a different path that they've taken to get them to the coding world, and your resume will reflect that journey and how it makes you a strong candidate for coding positions. We use the highest level of detail possible to describe your work history and your past duties and responsibilities, making the resume document one that allows your individual expertise to shine through.

What is the turnaround time for a resume

  • When you place an order with us, you'll receive a draft resume for your review within 7-10 days. Exceptions can be made, and "rush orders" can be fulfilled if there is a job application deadline at stake. You'll have unlimited time to review the draft, and you'll then respond to us with any changes you'd like to see made. We'll update and send the final draft to you. If you place an order for a cover letter, your cover letter will be delivered with your final resume draft. For more details, click here

Do I need a cover letter?

  • In the past, a cover letter was used to accompany a resume when submitting the documents through the mail, or via fax. While most applications are submitted online or through email, a cover letter still can be useful. In an email submission, your cover letter can be used at the body of the email that has your attached resume, or in an online application, if you're given the chance to write free text with "extra information about yourself"