feedback from our satisfied clients

Thank you so much,
I only wish I’d used your services sooner.
— Lenore A.
I am beyond happy with the resume and cover letter. Thank you so much for offering a service that is so valuable for me. I will be passing on the good word!

Worth every penny!!
— Angelina W.

I am impressed!
I feel a weight has been taken off and my resume now states
my experiences in a light one stop view, I like it!

This is exactly what I was hoping for.

I am so very pleased with how it turned and impressed that you got it to one page!
I believe this revision is going to help my job search efforts more specific to medical coder opportunities.
— Bobbi B.
You did a fabulous job on both my resume & cover letter!
I appreciate all the time you took to help me!

You have great reviews everywhere I look. Another coding friend recommended you after she had her resume redone by you as well. She also mentioned that after you redid her resume is when she started receiving phone calls for interviews. I will continue to pay it forward by spreading the word about your great work!
— Sarah C.
Thanks so much. Your resume draft helped me just to feel more confident in my abilities and experience. I can’t tell you how much I felt like the scribing was sub-par for a coding position. I don’t any more, since your clarification of the job hit the nail on the head.

Thank you!
— Sarah P.
Everything looks great! So excited it all came together and I think the cover letter is terrific as well as the resume.

Thankful for you guys and all you do!
— April C.
Wow! You’ve done a remarkable job condensing the resume down to one page! This is something I’ve tried to tackle for months. I love it!
— Vickie B.
Thank you so much! That looks awesome!
You have the perfect way with words
that makes my resume look really really good!
— Linda D.
I came to Ann and Project Resume with high hopes and expectations given endorsements I’d read, as well as her interview on the Not Elsewhere Classified podcast. The turnaround time was well within her initial indications. She managed to convert an unwieldy, two-page resume obviously geared toward another field into an appropriately crisp, one-page document ready to be reviewed by the Health Information Management world. I feel much more confident in my job search presenting my best self thanks to Project Resume.
— Kristi L.
I’m very pleased with my resume!
Everything is worded to reflect the functions I’ve preformed honestly and accurately. You’ve kept the formatting simple, but professional. That’s important and I greatly appreciate all of these touches you’ve added.

Thank you for your professional services!
— Jody W.
Thank you! This looks GREAT and a huge improvement on the one I did. I am so glad I took the chance to order it. I heard your episode on the medical coding podcast and I wanted to order my resume after that. What I appreciate the most on here is not just the wording tweeks, logic and layout of the resume, but that you took the year off of my bachelors degree. I was so self conscious about that and it didn’t occur to me to make that change. I will be sending it out today and I can’t wait :).
— Dana P.
I love my resume.
I can’t thank you enough for
all the amazing work you did,
you lifted a heavy weight off my shoulder.
You have me as a costumer for life and
I will tell anyone who needs a resume done to contact you.
— Fatima L.
Thank you for providing this valuable service!
My resume and cover letter look great and
I’m excited to start my job search :)
— Sandra A.
Your company did a GREAT job!!
It looks beautiful!
I appreciate the quick and timely responses
as well as the ability to provide an expedited service.
Now lets go get a job! :-)
— Victoria V.
Thank you so much, Ann! I think it looks amazing.
Ann, I’m so very pleased with you and the work you’ve done for me, and I’ll always recommend you to anyone looking for resume services!!
It’s been my pleasure!
— Michael R.
Thank you Ann! The resume and cover letter look fantastic! !
You’re the best! So talented!
I could never have written these this good.

I really appreciate it.
I feel like a load is off my shoulders.
— Sandra A.
That you so much for your hard work!!
I sound so great!!
It helped me with an interview this morning!!
Thank you!!!!
— Cassandra D.
The resume looks fabulous!
I am impressed at how
re-wording and re-phrasing a few things
can make such a huge difference.
— Kimberly S.
Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on my Resume and Cover Letter.
Words cannot express how much I appreciate your expertise in this area.
You, and Project Resume will come highly recommended by me.
Again, thank you very very much!
— Lori L.
The cover letter is superb, too!
I’m about to hire myself I sound so good!
I will apply to jobs feeling much more confident thanks to your gifted way with words.
Thank you!
— Lisa F.
I just wanted to let you know I applied for two jobs last week
with my revamped resume and cover letter
and I already have an interview scheduled tomorrow for one of those jobs!

I am so grateful for your help getting me up to snuff with my resume,
and I love the cover letter you did for me, too.

Thank you! :)
— Jennifer C.
I want to thank you for making my resume look so professional and polished!
I love it and can’t wait to send it to my future job applications.
It looks perfect! Best 50 dollars I spent. :)
— L. Paez
I was getting absolutely no responses until I had Ann redo my resume. I’ve had 4 interviews in the past 3 weeks!
— Jeanne W.
Thanks so much, Ann!
I appreciate your advice, encouragement,
and the excellent job you did with the resume.
I feel it was definitely worth every penny!
— Stephanie B.
I LOVE the new resume! It’s now clear, concise, and especially appreciate it’s ONE page.
I really like the professional structure as well!
Thank you so much ~ I feel more confident before applying already ~ You have made my day!
— Lisa J.
I just wanted to thank you again for the outstanding job you did with my resume.
I applied for a position with my local hospital yesterday and received a call back within 2 hours
as well as an interview scheduled for today. Thank you for all the time you saved me!
— Jessica A.
Definitely worth the money. I wasn’t getting noticed with my old resume,
once updated I was getting all kinds of calls!
They are great at highlighting your best assets
— Crystal T.
It looks amazing!!! I am so excited!
Wow! Wow! Wow!! Looks fabulous!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Erica C.
I used Project Resume for resume revision- and I got my first remote position with it!
— Mary Ann K.
You did a FANTABULOUS job with my resume!!
Thank you so much for your compliments about my experience. That means a lot to me!!
You have a gift for this!! I’m very pleased!!
— Taneka S.
I have reviewed the draft you sent me and I love it!
Thank you so much for your creativity.
— Lorie G.
Just looked over the resume and I am grateful to you for putting my prior work experience down
so it seems relevant to a coding position! Your expertise in that field is greatly apprecitated.
The resume is nothing short of magic!! Thank you so much!
I think my chances of getting attention just through my resume
has increased dramatically from any attempt I had made previously!
— Renee D.
Everything is perfect! I can’t thank you enough. I absolutely would recommend your services to others. Perfect results with amazing customer service!
— Maria G.