Your résumé is your calling card! 
You are an asset, and you have skills and talent to offer. 

Our resume service provides a resume document
that is created specifically to highlight
your unique skills, feature your job experience, and
gain attention from competitive employers.  

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Resume $50
Resume and Cover Letter $60
Resume and CEU Presentation $70
Resume, Cover Letter, and CEU Presentation $80

Here's how the process works:

  1. Click here, or click on the "Products" button above to choose your résumé product choice.

  2. At checkout, a form will appear; this form gives us information about you, your experience, and it allows you to paste any current résumé content you may already have.

  3. After checkout, the form information is sent to us, at which point we'll review your résumé and contact you for any further clarification that we need.

  4. A draft copy will be presented to you, and will allow you to review and ask for any changes that you'd like to see. The second draft after your feedback will be the final product.

  5. Our goal is to have full communication throughout the process, so that your final résumé is exactly what you envisioned!

  6. Any updates to the document are free of charge for 6 months after your purchase date. After 6 months, the charge for an update is $10.

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