Do you have a need for growth within your medical coding, billing, or HIM department?

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  • directory of talented candidates

  • experience as hiring managers

  • expertise in matching employees to meet the specific needs of your department



recruiters with coding expertise

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At Project Resume, we have a team of talented, experienced medical coders to recruit for you, and meet your exact job requirements. We know the medical coding field, we understand your needs, and we select candidates accordingly. Why work with a recruiter who hasn’t worked as a coder, who doesn’t have intimate knowledge of medical coding teams, and who doesn’t understand exactly the candidate that your team needs to succeed? Our team has personal knowledge of candidates’ skills, talents and experience. After analyzing your specific needs, we use that knowledge to provide coders who will create your optimal code team.

connections and candidates

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Project Resume has worked with over 800 coders to revise resumes, provide professional education, and advise on career advancement. Our website boasts thousands of hits each month, and our social media allows us to connect with hundreds of coders and students. We work with top coding educators to prepare graduates for working in a coding environment. These connections and clients mean that you have access to an extensive and expanding group of quality candidates who are ready to work. We don’t need to send blind emails or conduct “cattle calls” for candidates; we have personal relationships that drive our recruitment.

competitive rates

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Our recruiters and managers put the goal of Helping Coders above all else. To put our focus on our coding candidates, and on your specific needs, we have priced our services several percentage points below the average recruiting services. Because cost should not be a concern when you’re developing your code team.